Great Canadian Cultural Heritage Hero #1

moniz190Michael Moniz

He Humbled a Canadian Media Giant…

Exposed a Top Arts Journalist’s Professional Disgrace…

And saved a fine Morrisseau BDP from the trash heap of history.

Alone against the “Establishment”  this Canadian Morrisseau collector took on the biggest media giant in Canada (CTV Globemedia) and won a stunning moral, legal, and cultural victory, on Mar 10, 2009, on behalf of Canada, and all Canadians, and the artistic heritage of Norval Morrisseau.

fatherandsonThe lonely battle he fought, at great personal expense, and distress, over two years, served to expose for all Canadians, how – from the very beginning – serial journalistic incompetence continues to be the main tool harnessed by those who attack the painting legacy of Norval Morrisseau, and in the process – together – grievously undermine and devalue the legitimate Aboriginal cultural heritage of Canada.

The full story is coming, of why – if Canada was a fair country – he is a far more deserving recipient of the Order of Canada, than the perennial super-rich Establishment favourites, like the ex-convicts and criminals Conrad Black, and Garth Drabinsky, who even get to keep theirs in spite of their immoral and illegal corporate depredations.

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