Probing Perjury 3

sign_honest_truth_orRitchie Sinclair claims:

– to be a member of the NMHS (Norval Morrisseau Heritage Society)

“The victim in this matter, Richie Sinclair, is a protégé of the late Canadian artist, Norval Morrisseau. He also goes by the name “Stardreamer.” The victim is a member of the NMHS (Norval Morrisseau Historical (sic) Society.) ” (Police Document taking down statement by Ritchie Sinclair)

Ritchie Sinclair is a well-known white Canadian Indian imposter/impersonator.

Ritchie Sinclair is a well-known white Canadian Indian imposter/impersonator.

Ritchie Sinclair is a longtime acolyte and business associate of Donald Robinson of Toronto’s Kinsman Robinson Galleries, where he has been a private dinner guest, made video presentations, done guided tours, been praised in KRG blogs, thanked as an authority in Donald Robinson’s “expert” reports, etc. They have been “tag team” partners, and the only witnesses on the losing side, in several court cases (Otavnik v Sinclair 2010, Hatfield v Child 2012) where they have sought, unsuccessfully, to convincingly represent the Conspiracy Theorist position. (The partners have already agreed to join up for more joint court performances in 2013).

My Take: Perjury, Delusion or Dementia?

Ritchie Sinclair’s claim to the police as noted above is a total lie.

He has never been a member of the NMHS, founded in 2005, as an “outreach” branch plant of Toronto’s Kinsman Robinson Galleries.

In fact in Criminal Harassment charges, filed by the police against Sinclair for repeatedly, physically threatening the 80 year old Joseph McLeod, at his car, in the street, at his place of business, and setting off the burglar alarm at his home, one of his accompanying verbal outbursts was Sinclair’s anger that he had NOT been invited by Donald Robinson to become a member of the NMHS.

As a result of which he threatened that “he would take down the whole Morrisseau market,” as testified by Joe McLeod.

Sinclair’s academic record is somewhere between spotty to non-existent, him having spent only a few months at a community college introductory level commercial art course before dropping out around 1980, (testimony to Defence Counsel Brian Schiller) and so not qualifying for any certificate or diploma of any kind.

“Q. And what did that course qualify you to do?
A. Qualified me to do typeset; set-up; advertising; letter-set; very basic things that nobody uses any more.” (Court Trans/Hatfield v Child: Feb 23, 2012 p 124)

Donald Robinson huffily testified about the quality of people he wanted in the NMHS.

“THE COURT: Your reference to the initials N-M-H-S, again, please?
A. Norval Morrisseau Heritage Society.
MR. SCHILLER: Q. Is Ritchie Sinclair a member of that society?
A. No. The Society has respected academic people in the, in their, in their (sic) grouping; people from galleries, national institutions, for the most part.
Q. Okay.” (Court Trans/Hatfield v Child: Feb 23, 2012 p 46)

So much for Sinclair’s supposed membership in an elite – however wrong-headed and misguided – group of Ottawa-based academics!

But, hey, Canada is a free speech society, and everyone can say anything, no matter how ludicrous, apparently pretty well anywhere, including to the police, and in court, under oath.

And not have to worry about being penalized for it…

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