Perjury, Delusion, or Dementia?

Perjury is a Criminal Act.

dict_perjuryIt is defined as willful lying in court, after one has sworn to be honest, by swearing on a Bible, or Affirming, to be truthful, in front of a judge in a court case.

sign_honest_face_sinclairYou decide if the following documented instances, all taken from Conspiracy Theorist court testimony, constitute PERJURY, or are merely the DELUSIONAL meanderings of a CONFUSED mind of someone suffering from advanced DEMENTIA.

The words are the Court Witnesses’ own, taken in toto, in entirely unedited or uninterrupted paragraphs from certified Court Transcripts or documents.

My Take: Perjury, Delusion, or Dementia?

sign_honest_face_indianWe publish these courtroom vignettes, in the public interest, to give concerned Canadians, and fine art collectors around the world, another view of the Conspiracy Theorists as they explain themselves and their positions in front of a judge.

Some of these statements are clearly “way over the line,” some are such obvious cases of the witness being deliberately evasive, it’s embarrassing, others are clearly, intentionally, utterly misleading, to throw the judge off the track.

But all are wonderfully illuminating at the truly breathtaking extent of the Morrisseau Hoax and of the “no holds barred” behaviour of those who seek to perpetuate a Conspiracy Theory that should never, ever, have seen the light of day, and died a deserved miserable death many years ago…

sign_honest_face_robinsonALL these statements, in all cases, I have personally witnessed, and heard spoken in court, while being seated only some eight to fifteen feet from the Witnesses. My hearing is perfect.

ALL these statements, I have doubly confirmed in the written Court Transcripts, court documents, etc., all of which I own, and have read. And as an investigative journalist, have authenticated with my background as a trained and practicing professional historian of some 46 years.

And from which my edited testimonials are copied.

My take follows; you decide who’s right and who’s wrong.

And then decide if the cases show clear signs of willful Perjury, whatever…

And ask yourself: why would a Conspiracy Theorist possibly commit perjury?

What possible benefit could there possibly be to lying in court?

Probing Perjury # 1 – Donald Robinson claims Norval never signed BDPs, ever…

Probing Perjury # 2 – Donald Robinson claims his son warned him of the fakes 

Probing Perjury # 3 – Ritchie Sinclair claims he’s a member of the NMHS 

Probing Perjury # 4 – Ritchie Sinclair claims he’s a Canadian Indian

Probing Perjury # 5 – Ritchie Sinclair claims to be a graduate of George Brown College

Probing Perjury # 6 – Donald Robinson claims all 2,000 Potter paintings are fakes

Probing Perjury # 7 – Ritchie Sinclair claims two of our claims were struck down by a judge