A Personal Annotation of Sources by John Goldi

books_court_sinclair2The information and interpretation, published in the public interest, on this educational blog, is drawn from the following sources:

# Relevant Academic and Biographical Data

# Eight Years of Living and Working in Remote Non-white Aboriginal Communities, (1973-1979), including six years living in completely isolated northern Canadian Inuit and Dene communities, as educator, school principal, hunter and trapper

cully_thanksIt gave me the background, in Sep 1995, to instantly construct the “Ipperwash Conspiracy Theory,” and accuse the police, military, and Government of lying to the media and the public. and creating a giant cover-up, when the news announced that Indians at Ipperwash Ontario, had fired on police, who fired in self-defence, so killing the only Canadian Aboriginal person killed by cops in a land claims dispute in the 20th century. The original “Conspiracy Theory of Two” is today, accepted as Absolute Historical Fact by Millions. Every detail of my original accusation of the police, the government, the premier, and the media, lying and engaging in a giant racist conspiracy against entirely innocent Indians, has been accepted as true today.

goldi_john_lynx# 46 Years Experience in Cross-Cultural Education, including 40 years of hands-on, in-the-field research specifically related to producing educational programming, in association with, and for, Canadian First Nations groups across Canada involving:
– interviews with numerous First Nations chiefs & cultural experts across Canada, including:
– Chief Tom Bressette, Chief Bonnie Bressette, Chief Elizabeth Cloud (Ontario)
– Chief of Ontario Indians, Gord Peters
– Dene Nation Head & First Premier of the Northwest Territory, Stephen Kakfwi
– Assembly of First Nations Chief Georges Erasmus
– Chief Crowfoot, of the Siksika Nation, Cluny AB
– Lt. Governor of BC, Steven Point, former Chief of the Sto:lo Nation

 # 46 Years Experience as a Fully Credentialed Professional Historian, an Educator, a “Conspiracy Theory Devotee,” and an Investigative Journalist

 # 60 Years Experience Towards Becoming a Top, Award-winning & Honoured Canadian Visual Artist

# 14 Years as an Art and Antiques Director of Research and Collections, for the Canadian Anglo-Boer War Museum, curating and assembling a grouping of Canadian fine art, antique paintings, prints, and memorabilia items, most over 100 years old, that now totals over 4,500 items

# Court Attendance at Morrisseau related proceedings:

  • – Otavnik v Sinclair – 2 days           
    – November 16, 2010
    – January 11, 2011     
  • – Hatfield v Child – 6 days
    – May 31, 2011
    – September 1, 2011
    – February 23, 2012
    – February 24, 2012
    – June 4, 2012
    – Sep 25, 2012
  • – Crown v Sinclair – 1 day
    – March 12, 2012
    – Criminal Harassment charges laid by police v Ritchie Sinclair, for repeatedly physically threatening, 82 year old art dealer, and owner of the Maslak McLeod Gallery, at his car, in the street, and at his home and place of business, once setting off the burglar alarm in the middle of the night. After being cautioned by police, he continued to threaten McLeod on six more occasions, until arrested by police, taken to the station, and booked. (All documents are posted on the web)
  • – Goldi v Sinclair – 4 days
    – Feb 8, 2012
    – Nov 16, 2012
    – Dec 5, 2012
    – Jan 24, 2013

# Court Transcripts – hundreds of pages of court transcripts from all these proceedings

 # Statements of Claim:
         – Otavnik v Vadas/Morrisseau
         – Otavnik v Sinclair
         – Robinson v Matulic

 # Forensic Reports

morrisseau_soma190fa212 independently produced scientific forensic examinations, involving over 70 paintings, done by three of Canada’s top forensic document examiners and handwriting analysis experts – all on paintings called forgeries by the Conspiracy Theorists – certifying that instead, all are signed by Norval Morrisseau, with DNA certainty, and could not have been signed by anyone else. This includes over 70 individual forensic examinations, conducted at different times, in different places, by independent, highly trained and academically certified experts, over an 11 (eleven) year period. (Obviously, no conspiracy possible here.)

Not a single so-called forgery has ever been rejected as a fake, by any forensic examiner. The fakes sent for examination have all been returned as “authentic Morrisseaus” with a success rate of 100%, nothing, if not a stunning scientific judgment.

morrisseau_fish_authThese forensic reports are now at the core of over 90 individual Certified Morrisseau Authentications – all by independently qualified experts – which prove with DNA certainty, that contrary to the Principal Morrisseau Conspiracy Theorist, that Norval Morrisseau never ever did this, Norval indeed had “signed, titled, and dated, with black drybrush technique on the back” almost 100 paintings the cartel claims are forgeries. In fact both Donald Robinson and Paul Robinson are documented by the historical record as recognizing and/or certifying dozens of exactly such paintings as authentic.

cover_krg_wheel# Donald Robinson’s “Expert Reports:” on “Jesuit Preist Bringing Word 1974” (2009), and on “Wheel of Life 1979 (2010)”  reports which became hugely controversial in two court cases.

Robinson prepared his “expert reports” to try to justify his forgery conspiracy view, that two – now famous – BDPs are total forgeries, and absolutely worthless, as he testified in court on multiple occasions. He claimed that he prepared both huge “expert reports,” one of 89 pages, another of 114 – which would cost multi-thousands to commission from a genuine independent forensic scientist – for free. He produced them to help out Ritchie Sinclair, an acolyte and business associate of his Kinsman Robinson Galleries in two court cases he was involving himself in.

Robinson wasn’t deterred, at all, by the fact that he had no academic credentials in forensic document examination or handwriting analysis – not a degree; not a diploma; not a certificate – in fact not even in any related field like art or fine art. What he banked on was on something he did have, his three year degree in electrical engineering.

morrisseau_wheel_hatfield190faAlas, the scientific community soon pointed out why that is not the best background for doing serious stuff like forensic handwriting analysis, and why the reports were free; they were worthless, as anything other than Kinsman Robinson Galleries promotional material.

In 2010 top Canadian forensic scientist Dr. Atul K Singla, who has an M.A. and a Ph.D., in Forensic Science, found that ““Wheel of Life 1979” was not a forgery at all, but signed by Norval Morrisseau, with DNA certainty, and that no one else could have, conclusively confirming as an authentic Morrisseau, a painting Donald Robinson denounced in a huge “expert report” for being a poorly done, cheap, and worthless fake.

morrisseau_Jesuit-Priest-Bringing1976_190faIn 2011 top Canadian forensic scientist Kenneth J Davies, found that “Jesuit Preist Bringing Word 1974” was not a forgery at all, but was signed by Norval Morrisseau, with DNA certainty, and that no one else could have, conclusively confirming, as an authentic Morrisseau, a painting Donald Robinson denounced in a huge “expert report” for being a poorly done, cheap, and worthless fake.

# Fine Art & Morrisseau Auction Attendance – since 1998, regularly going to all major fine art auction previews or sales, and other listed auctions which have featured Morrisseau paintings, at the following locations:       

– Randy Potter Auctions – Pickering & Port Hope, ON
– Heffels – Vancouver, BC & Toronto, ON
– Levis – Calgary, ON
– Sotheby’s – Toronto, ON
– Ritchie’s – Toronto, ON
– Bonham’s – Toronto, ON
– Waddington’s – Toronto, ON
– Empire – Toronto, ON
– Joyner’s – Toronto, ON
– Walker’s – Ottawa, ON
– Anderson – Jarvis, ON
– Pritchards – Dundas, ON
– Clarkson – Ballantrae, ON
– Simpson’s – Creemore, ON 

& dozens of other antique auctions featuring fine art, on hundreds of occasions

# Attendance at Major Galleries and Museums exhibiting, both traditional and modern, First Nations fine art and artifacts including:

– Kinsman Robinson Galleries – Toronto, ON
– Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park – Cluny, AB
– Batoche National Historic Site – Batoche, SK
– Hill’s Native Art Gallery – Vancouver, ON
– Beaverbrook Art Gallery – Fredericton, NB
– Royal Alberta Museum – Edmonton, AB
– Maslak-McLeod Gallery – Toronto, ON
– Le Musée de St Boniface – Winnipeg, MB
– Head-Smashed-in-Buffalo Jump World Heritage Site – Fort MacLeod, AB
– Canadian Museum of Civilization – Ottawa, ON
– Duck Lake Regional Interpretive Centre – Duck Lake, SK
– National Gallery of Canada – Ottawa, ON
– Allen Sapp Gallery – North Battleford, SK
– Fort Edmonton Park – Edmonton, AB
– Museum of Ontario Archaeology – London, ON
– Fort Battleford National Historic Site – North Battleford, SK
– Museum of Anthropology, UBC – Vancouver, BC
– Frog Lake Massacre Site, Frog Lake, AB
– Fort Michilimackinac, Mackinaw City, MI
– U’mista Cultural Centre – Alert Bay, BC
– Cut Knife Battlefield Museum – Cut Knife, SK

– Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons – Midland, ON
– Kispiox Totem Poles – Kispiox, BC
– Riel House National Historic Site – Winnipeg, MB
– Artworld of Sherway – Toronto, ON
– ‘Ksan Historical Village – New Hazelton, BC
– Royal Tyrrell Paleontology Museum – Drumheller, AB
– Glenbow Museum – Calgary, AB
– Crawford Lake Iroquoian Village – Crawford Lake, ON
– Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre – Yellowknife, NT
– Elm Street Spa Exhibition – Toronto, ON
– Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site – Lockport, MB
– Elm Street Spa Book Launch – Toronto, ON
– Saskatchewan Legislature Art Gallery of Chiefs – Regina, SK
– McMichael Art Gallery – Kleinburg, ON
– Art Gallery of Ontario – Toronto, ON
– Fish Creek Battlefield Site – Fish Creek, SK
– Royal Ontario Museum – Toronto, ON
– Art Gallery of Nova Scotia – Halifax, NS
– Haida Gwaii Museum – Skidegate, Queen Charlotte Is., BC 

and countless hundreds of other Canadian historic sites and museums in every province

# Conversations and Interviews, with dozens of leading people involved
– auctioneers, curators, art retailers, collectors

 # Numerous Sworn Affidavits from key people involved

# Books on Norval Morrisseau

– Legends of My People: the Great Ojibway – Norval Morrisseau, Selwyn Dewdney 1965
– Art of Norval Morrisseau – Lister Sinclair, Jack Pollock 1979
– Norval Morrisseau & the Image Makers – Elizabeth McLuhan, Tom Hill, 1984
– Dear M: Letters from a Man of Excess – Jack Pollock 1989
– Travels to the House of Invention – Norval Morrisseau, Donald Robinson 1997
– Norval Morrisseau & the Development of the Woodland School of Art c 2003
– Return to the House of Invention – Norval Morrisseau, Donald Robinson 2005
– Norval Morrisseau – Greg Hill 2006
– Norval Morrisseau – Maslak McLeod, 2007
– Robert Lavack – Morrisseau Papers 2007
– Norval Morrisseau & the Woodland Artists; the Red Lake Years, 2008
– Picasso of the North – James Stevens 2011
– Norval Morrisseau: Retrospective 2012 – Kinsman Robinson Galleries – 2012

stevens_james190Without doubt, to a professional historian, one, and only one book, stands out, above all the others; it is James Stevens’ exhaustive compilation of a lifetime of personal vignettes from intimates of the artist, who encountered him, in all his transparent “raw reality,” at various times in his life.

James wrote about the man, not about the artist, or his art. To a historian that is priceless, far more so than another book by one more pompous art dilettante blabbing on about “what the artist really meant” or “really intended to paint.”

Without their interference, Norval Morrisseau’s art, in all its glory, will speak for itself – but only once committed and knowledgeable Canadians have come together to clear away, once and for all, the bogus “Forgery Conspiracy Theories,” which claim that thousands of Norval’s best paintings are forged, and charge that an evil workshop of Santa’s diabolical little helpers are splattering out fakes as we speak… None of whom have ever been identified or taken to court in over 12 years…

book_picasso_stevensJames’ contribution to history – invaluable beyond belief; without parallel in biography in Canadian history – is by showing us the “real half” of the artist – Norval Morrisseau the man. In fact, probably without knowing it, he actually holds the key, in his vast archive of published reminiscences, to unlocking the “Forgery Conspiracy,” and exposing it for what it is – factually totally insupportable, especially in view of the stunning scientific reports that have piled up in the last couple of years.

Stevens’ raw exposure of the real  Picasso of the North Country has contributed to world history, what Arianna Huffington established with her fabulous 1988 biography Picasso: Creator and Destroyer. Great artists both; but equally, truly awful human beings.

Stevens’ book too is invaluable, in the light it sheds, on multiple levels, on the “Morrisseau Forgery Conspiracy,” and the enormous damage it has caused to the artistic legacy of Norval Morrisseau, and to hundreds of collectors of his art across Canada. His work dramatically undermines, devastatingly,  in numerous ways, the credibility of the Conspiracy Theorists.

# Hundreds of Art Exhibition Catalogues 

# Numerous Media Articles

# Morrisseau Archives of Ugo Matulic, the Julian Assange of the Morrisseau world 

# Thousands of Screen Grabs of historic internet postings going back some 14 years, including, of paintings, documents, and letters as well as a huge treasure trove of incriminating documents and comments, blog postings, emails – both authored and anonymous – that the original writers desperately believed they had deleted – without a trace – many years ago.

# Website Archives:
– reliable, internationally praised by numerous teachers and students, published by us
– reliable, astonishing, exhaustive, passionate, encyclopedic
          – Ugo Matulic website –
– unreliable, aggressively propagandistic & clearly totally sales self-promotional
– Kinsman Robinson Galleries blogging website
– absolutely unreliable, and clearly over-the-top, malicious and defamatory
– Ritchie Sinclair’s websites


ALL these intellectual and hands-on experiences, in their totality, have been shared, corroborated, and cross-referenced with Joan Goldi, my wife, educational and business partner for over 48 years. She holds an Hon. B.A., and a B.Ed. from the University of Toronto. 

She is the producer, and co-writer of Canadian television programs, educational videos, and DVDs that have won over 136 international television awards for excellence at leading American film and television festivals, and are used by schools, colleges, universities, museums, corporate offices, public service organizations, and government departments in every Canadian province and every US state, with the exception of Hawaii. Many deal with First Nations issues, history, and culture. Her “Ipperwash: A Canadian Tragedy” won the very top award, PLATINUM, at Houston Worldfest, the world’s biggest film and television festival, for INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM, which I believe to be an unprecedented achievement for a Canadian.